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Sunday, April 3, 2011 9:20 AM
The lovely bones

Borrowed The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold from the school library recently, currently half-way through the book!:) I've heard lots about this book, especially through another book. I mean, like how the main character of some book I'm reading always have to read The Lovely Bones for their English class or something, and so as time passes I got more curious about this book. I didn't bother reading it before but now that I've started it, it's not bad actually! The plot's kind of sad and heartbreaking, but rather refreshing :) The copy I borrowed from the school library's kinda old already though!
Oh and by the way. It's my o'level certificate you're seeing in the photo, right below the novel! Got it on Friday, the testimonial's kinda short though, sigh I guess Miss Tan is busy? D: But never mind, I like the cert because it looks super official - okay you can't really see that from the photo, oops :X

This photo of 11A02 is freaking awesome, we are standing on the track, cool huh ;) Too Weiyan wasn't in school that day for Franzi's birthday surprise, awww... Anyway, Sarah had pretended that she was angry at Franzi to upset her to prank her as she's the birthday girl, but Franzi got real upset and we're all like, ouch.. x_x Luckily the surprise's quite a success and the cake was FREAKING YUMMY *drool* :D

Well I guess life's been pretty chaotic recently. Choir had pretty much sucked up all my energy, was quite disappointed with myself for not getting into the SYF team. I had sort of panicked during the auditions and didn't know my lines well... No point crying over spilt milk isn't it, but I still cried hell over it because I actually thought I can get into the team after giving my best during choir practice that fine day, sigh. Actually I was upset because it felt like I had let down many, as they had encouraged me and always telling me that I'll definitely make it into the team. Sorry guys I tried, but didn't try hard enough, I guess.
MSA (something like Common Test 1, in case anyone of you don't understand) has already ended for me, fortunately. I had flunk so many test I didn't even bother counting. I remember failing my first test ever in Secondary One - History - and I was really unhappy about it. But as time pass by, I slowly get use to failures. As people often say, you may not fail anything in Primary School, but you'll fail a few tests in Secondary School and definitely fail countless in jc. Can I go against what people say? I don't want to make failure a common thing for me, it can be a common thing for other people, I don't really care. What I have to do is to work hard, but I'm lacking motivation. Can anyone out there give me a kick? :(
Well actually school's fine, if you ignore the fact that I'm procrastinating too much and in fact, I tend to run away from my stress everytime instead of facing of the music. AND AND AND I can't help but wish that school's not so far away from home, so that I can actually have more sleep instead of having to wake up super early for school every morning, argh *yawn* I'm thankful those morning when I can sleep during the train rides while blasting music in my ears though! ♥

I'm kind of a jap drama addict at home these days, any of you watches jap dramas? Nobuta wo Produce's my all-time favourite drama! Kame's a really good actor, watching his One Pound Gospel currently.. *fangirl scream* Oh wait. I think I'm more of a Twitter addict more than jdrama addict though, ha! Sorry to my followers for spamming your timeline daily, but oh well at least you guys have somebody to keep your timeline alive huh ;)

YES PEOPLE I'M FINALLY BACK TO BLOGGING! Was reading through those tags left by you awesome peeps on my tagboard earlier on and I couldn't help but feel touched and guilty at the same time. Touched because some of you guys keep tagging me even though I never reply you at all, thanks for checking my blog every now and then even though I totally neglected it! :'( And well, guilty because I haven't been replying tags for so long that most of them has already gotta sucked away by (idk what) and I can't really reply you guys properly! Yikes.