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a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Monday, April 25, 2011 8:41 AM
The perfect human being

  1. Sleeps early e.g. approx 10pm
  2. Wake up early e.g. approx 6am~8am
  3. Brush and floss teeth until they're literally shining at a thousand watts
  4. Have totally straight and white teeth without the need to get braces
  5. Have a healthy diet - every meal must consist of veggies and fruits
  6. Comes from a wealthy family - even tips the school canteen vendors
  7. Have perfect hair without it getting frizzy before, all smooth and silky and healthy
  8. Athletic, freaking good at sports, gets gold for NAPFA every year
  9. Multi-talented: dance, sing, can play any musical instrument
  10. A genius who easily becomes top in nation during every national exam without studying
  11. Have the best fashion sense
  12. Flawless face - zero pimples and moles and blackheads
  13. Reasonable height with long legs of course
  14. Never gain weight - high metabolism rate!!
  15. Helpful and kind to everyone, have tons of good friends - well-liked & sociable
  16. Can cook DAMN well
  17. Can fight well (XDD)
  18. Has an awesome family who never fail to be there and a great loving boyfriend
  19. Manage time well, has long attention span and also a teacher's pet
  20. Can speak more than 10 languages
  21. Has great ambitions
  22. Never mess up things, always having things in order neatly
  23. Never sweat
...Everything that's not me, enough say. :(
LMAO but I'm totally describing a robot actually.

Nothing to blog about so.. yea. Just cut my nails! Do they even look like they were cut? :X Hahaha I know I'm quite random posting a photo of my fingernails, heh.

Boring school day as usual, MONDAYS ARE THE WORST ZOMFG /FAINTZ