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Tuesday, May 31, 2011 7:57 AM
On stranger tides

Watched Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides yesterday!
I've never finished a Pirates of the Caribbean movie before in my life, so this is actually my first time watching it. Had always wonder why people loves that movie sooo much and goes like "OMG JOHNNY DEPP!" or "OMG PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!" while I was like - "huh?"
But now I know! I had a great time watching the movie yesterday, I love the storyline. Well I always love movies with an exciting adventure ;) Even though Johnny Depp is already in his fifties (right?), he is still charismatic as ever and a great actor! Penelope Cruz is beautiful too :) AND AND AND Sam Claflin, he's handsome *O*
It's your loss if you've decided not to watch the movie. Heh :)

Oh yea. Watched the movie with Yifan... and spent lots of money thanks to her too. I'm broke. MEOW :(

Met up with YiFang today! We kinda slacked around Plaza Singapura eating, walking around and sitting in Mac's for hours talking about our crappy life. HAHAHAHA my awesome friend! But she was so tired today, rest well!