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Sunday, May 29, 2011 5:27 AM
Where is my life

Hey guys, I had the GREATEST adventure over the weekend!

First, I went on a cable car over hills and mountains, look carefully at the photo, there's volcanic ashes in the air too! & don't I just look freaking cute in that yellow cable car? I was kinda worried then because it was sooo high above the ground, I would have died if the wire snapped! x_x

Enjoyed myself in the lava spring after that with old people, oh boy I'm so cool! The water felt awesome, I was totally refreshed after only a few minutes! Those old people, even though they look kinda of unfriendly, are actually nice people!:D

Then, I survived a sandstorm! It was horrible, and sand kept going into my eyes, I was so scared then because I was alone in the wild desert without another soul. But hey, look what I found - two fossils! I brought them to the museum and they paid me quite a high price for them ;)

I went surfing too. Best thing EVER. I love the feeling of those wave splashing lightly onto my face, it was damn cooling and I totally enjoyed myself! Although it was my first time surfing, I ace it! The locals were amazed at my skill and even told me that I'm natural at surfing. I still have sooo much to learn, of course XD

I was so tired after so many adventures that I went home to take a rest first. Look at my cute bed and cute carpet and cute doorway and cute tv and cute clock and cute table and cute chair and cute computer and cute game console and cute picture hung up on the wall. Jealous of my room? I designed it myself, of course!

After taking a nap, I went for a stroll during the evening by the seaside, enjoying the amazing seabreeze as they blow lightly across my face. I couldn't bear to leave there, even though it wasn't as adventurous as other place where I've been, it was the only place that can totally calm me down and reflect through my awesome life. :):):)

My friends, a.k.a. leaders of Team Magma and Team Aqua, came to find me after that and urge me to travel further with them to the middle of the ocean. They suck! Because they caused me to get trapped in the rain with them, there were thunderstorms too, it was terrible. I was drenched and now I'm having a cold because of the big rain :(

We had no choice but to escaped the rain. Luckily we found a cave after a few minutes of surfing, if not we would have been struck by lightning in the huge thunderstorm! I discovered this freaking cute animal in the cave too. But I just couldn't get it out, I love it so much that I've decided to live inside the cave with it for the rest of my life.

Till then, xoxo.


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