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Thursday, June 2, 2011 11:53 PM
Nobody's gonna get out alive

Went back to school earlier this morning just for project work consultation, and hello, I live like an hour plus away from school, how troublesome is this?! Project work's a total hassle, I'm disappointed that nobody in our group seem to be very enthusiastic about it, and yes, that includes me. I want a fun and bonded group who will actually get our work done well, but.. hmmm. I'm sick and tired of pw already and it's gonna get even more retarded... :'(
Had finished watching all movies for Pirates of the Caribbean, omg they're all freaking awesome! Yep that's what kept me busy for two days, heh. Johnny Depp is indeed awesome and very Jack Sparrow, Keira Knightley was amazing too - I didn't know it was her until the third movie, as the camera zoomed into her face the name "Keira Knightley" suddenly popped up in my head and it was then I realize that it's her, hahahaha I'm so "clever"! As for Kungfu Panda 2, I guess I'm gonna give up watching it in the cinema because nobody wants to watch it with me (creyzzz) - but it's okay, I've watched On Stranger Tides, which is enough already HOHOHO *still spazzing over pirates of the caribbean* Can't wait for Deathly Hallows Part 2, it's gonna be out soooon! OMG I love watching movies ;D
Oh and my Pokemon Sapphire, the one which I had spam-played for two whole days (seriously.. -.-) was gone and now I had to start a new game all over again, yay. I stopped training because I was watching POTC these few days, but now I'm gonna continue! Haha I'm such a geek :X
Going for AC dance concert later, cya guys!

Yep changed my blog's layout again! :)

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