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a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Saturday, June 25, 2011 4:53 AM
A smile is the easiest way out of a difficult situation.

LOL study date with yanz @JRL. A very productive day of us whining about how we dislike econs and complaining about holiday ending soon.
Can't believe that June holiday is actually coming to an end! The first thing we'll face on Monday will be the econs paper, gah I'm so DEAD haven't finish studying and it's Saturday already omg omg omg can I not go back to school? :'( You can call me a coward but blergh I don't care school scares me hahaha I wanna stay home and sleep all day like loser!
Oh wait cancel that. I don't want to be a loser. Can't help it though why am I so unmotivated oh no. :(