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Friday, June 24, 2011 5:49 AM

Meh. It has been quite a few days since I last visited my blog or post anything because I was busy watching Naruto (oops) - yea I've been neglecting my blog, sorry :( WELL OH WELL I'M HERE TO UPDATE. This post will be dedicated to those animes that I liked in the past and also those that I still like. Yea you can ignore this post if you hate jap stuff (I'll be sad though ya know D:), they aren't in order by the way.
Well maybe I'll post about other stuff within my areas of interest another time, like kpop, mangas, dramas, movies, etc. Heh, I'm obsessed with too much  stuff! Blogging about this because I want to update my blog but I don't really have much to blog about - yea yea yea me and my boring life. Blah.

1. D.Gray-man
It's the very, very first anime I watched! (in my memory luh) But woah it feels like ten thousand years ago since I last watched an episode from it... Well I was obsessed with this manga last time and apparently it has the anime version too and I decided to stay up late and watch on the tv. D.Gray-man's the anime before the anime that I wanted to watch, so I had to bear through with its ending song first. Surprisingly I fell in love with the ending song (ED8) and started watching D.Gray-man eventually.
Argh those days when I was staring at Allen, fangirl-ing over him... (remembering the scene when he was topless and doing a perfect one-hand stand on a chair... hehehehe ikr) He's freaking strong and have a sad story too! I love Lenalee (she's pretty!), Lavi (DAMN CUTE LOVE HIS WEAPON), Miranda and Krory :D I was neutral with Kanda though, heh.
Well, because of this show, I know what's akuma in Jap! (LMAO) I even went to memorize the lyrics of its ED8 for its TV version. Stephanie's Changin' is too awesome!

2. Skip Beat
AHHHHH USED TO REALLY LOVE THIS! Well it was on tv so that's how I started watching it. It was freaking funny, a good laugh, really. Those days when I fangirl over Tsuruga Ren *O* (the black hair one, good-looking right!) Okay apparently they're going to have a chinese drama adapted from its manga/anime with Super Junior's Choi Siwon acting as Ren (kinda disappointed because he's not one of my favourites from suju - sorry :X) and Donghae as Sho (YES DONGHAE IS IN IT YES YES YES *fangirl*)

3. Toradora!
THIS. I used to love this anime and still love it now, maybe forever. It's one of my favourite of the favourites! Cried like, a gazillion times thanks to Toradora. How can someone not like Ryuuji? He's my favourite anime guy of alllll. [insert 278349237597439 heart symbols here] He's not bad looking, nice, caring, clean freak (cute ikr!), not too perfect but just good enough :)
If you're looking for a sweet love story (between teenagers, that is) - then this is just what you're looking for! :D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm gonna watch it for the third time soon! ^^

4. Angel Beats!
&THIS. It's a freaking funny anime, meaningful too. Yea oh well I cried a lot for it too. LOLOLOL as you can probably see I love animes that can make me cry. Sad stories that can't make me cry = fail. Because it's about those people who died they all have a sad story. My heart totally broke watching this anime T-T Even though sad, there's tons of funny moments that made me crack up like mad. I can't really remember which episode it was, 8 or 9 or 10 that I watched for like, 8 times or something and cried every single time DX Otonashi is such a great guy! ^^

5. Kaichou wa Maid Sama
Well this is nice too! I got a little freaked out because the main guy character was waaaaay too perfect. Ya know, everytime I watch anime there's bound to be one or two bad things about the characters, but Usui is. too. freaking. perfect. When the girl's in danger, the guy never fail to rescue her. I mean, like what the, this is kinda fake, don't you agree? It's like Usui has some super power and can predict that the girl's gonna be in danger or something. It scares me. Heh. But still, not bad! Actually this is funny too - lol I like animes that can make me laugh :D

6. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
YAY YAY YAY I'M FINALLY HERE. This gotta be one of my favourite of all times! [insert retarded laughters] It has like 200+ episodes and I was completely obsessed with it last year. I like almost every single character, especially Tsuna, Colonnello (HOT GUY ALERT), Gokudera, Rokudo Mukuro, Xanxus, I-Pin, Spanner, Irie Shoichi, Squalo (OMG LOVE HIS LONG WHITE HAIR), and Bel! ~off in fangirl world~
I love how Tsuna became ultra super freaking strong at the end of the anime, the burning flame is too cool XD Well actually during the time when I was mad about this I keep blogging about it and posting pictures from the anime LOLOLOL. I even downloaded tons of the show's OSTs and songs and listen to them all the time (I was OBSESSED)

7. Fairy Tail
I used to keep watching it, until O'level. I stopped watching it after that and I bet like I have 50+ episodes to catch up with now but I never really try to catch up. Argh I feel so bad :( But never mind, I'm saying this because I'll continue on it one day, soon! Maybe December holidays? :D
Natsu - because of him I stopped thinking that guys with pink hair will look stupid because he looks cute :D Oh wait what am I talking about. Loke's my favourite character! Well he's good-looking and nice but has small parts in the anime #sad Gray's awesome too, I like the fact that he always take his shirt off in random, weird moments (TEEHEE)

8. Ao no exorcist
Knew about this anime because they're using UVERworld's new song as their OP! I was randomly searching for UVERworld's songs and came across the trailer of this anime and soon after I started watching and realized that they use 2PM's Take Off as their ED. COOLSHIT. First time I know who the singer for an anime's OP and ED are!
Rin is Satan's offspring and is super cute - totally worth watching for his cute face! *O* No kidding. I cried at the first episode when his father died too :( If you're paying attention you would have realize that I love animes with fighting, comedy and sad stories that can make me cry. Yea. Romance will be a plus though! :D

9. Naruto
OH GOD I FINALLY REACH NARUTO OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD AHSDJASHJKFHDK (current obsession) Well actually I'm tired already, had typed so much crap for this post oh maaaan. I know, I'm kinda late watching Naruto (no, not Shippuden). People started watching it like a thousand years ago and here I am just started watching it three mere days ago. Heh what am I even talking about. Oh well I'm at episode 100+ now!
SO FUCK YEAH I RULE. Why did I watch it anyway? I was at animecrazy.net and clicked on the popular animes section, apparently Naruto Shippuden's ranked #1, followed by Bleach, One Piece, FullMetal (I almost watch it last year! Oh well there's always a next time I guess) and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! So I was like, why not watch Naruto since it's ranked #1? Well I mean, Shippuden's #1, but to understand it I'll have to watch Naruto first right? So here I am, with 400+ episodes to watch. Meh. Love Naruto, Kakashi (*O*) and Gaara! :D Don't get why so many people fangirl over Sasuke, don't really like him from the first episode :)

YES I'M DONE TYPING. PHEW. Pardon for typos and errors because I was spam-typing LMAO.

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