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Saturday, June 4, 2011 8:04 AM

Went for Bailamos - "Let's dance" in Spanish (the host said it, not me, so don't go to google translator and blame me for bad translation or whatever shit) - ACJC dance concert on Friday! Well it was pretty awesome, but too bad we sat right in front of the stage at the side, so our view wasn't that good :( The dances did a good job on the stage, and their training seems kinda tough, they must be tired too, having to perform three nights in a row. Well, thanks to them I had an enjoyable night/evening!:)
Our awesome 4E1 fellow classmates Felicia, Junyuan and Shuhang did great too XD

Felicia's dancing spirit! WOOHOO

With the 3 dancers! Can you spot them? :D

Photo credits to YiFang! :)

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