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Sunday, June 5, 2011 11:06 AM
Join the parade, babes!

Damily outing on Saturday to an Italian restaurant at Somerset! :)
Wore a dress on that day, I feel dumb wearing it, wonder what went wrong with my brain when I was at home that made me choose to wear a dress, haha! This dress doesn't really feel very comfortable, in fact it kept sliding off, blergh :( I looked super unglam because I have to constantly pull it up wherever I went :X
Well the ambiance there was great and the restaurant design was cool, as you can see in the photos below ;) The food's not bad, the carbonara kinda too creamy too, but just right for my taste! The rest will probably disagree because they said it was too creamy, but oh well I like the food, kinda. As for their pizza, well the crust could have been softer. Don't you guys find it frustrating when you have difficulty trying to cut a slice of pizza from the big piece? Tiring, even. & it does feels stupid to try cut the pizza out in such a cool restaurant with all those waiters and waitresses standing nearby *coughs*
About the price of the food - kinda not worth it. Maybe it's because I'm not used to paying so much for just a small portion of food which I can probably get them cheaper at some other place like Pizza Hut. I know I know, I'm sounding like some cheapo auntie, but seriously. If the food taste fantabulousheavenishly I won't even be complaining! But never mind, it's a first time, so it's still kinda cool I guess :)
Left to go Orchard Central for photo-taking time with my awesome friends! To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed. I enjoy chats better than keep spam-taking photos. Isn't the main thing of meeting up with friends supposed to be catching up with each other's life? I wanna know more about my friends, not just eating dinner together and taking photos only (even though I love taking photos lar hahaha).
Anyway, photo credits to YiFang! It was a cool night out with Damily ^^

A smiling YiFang!

Trying to get your dslr back? Not so easy hehehe


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Hi there the awesome girl who has GREAT photography skills, thanks! XD

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Yikes I'm not sure what to say here. Erm, well, like I said, she takes cool photos! I'm kinda confused about her nationality, because apparently she's Indonesian, Jap and Russian too? &&& she wants a new camera. TEEHEE.

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Hi, meowrrr.

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All those I linked who linked me back, especially Dorothy, Charmaine, Caryn, Chai Hui, Suli, Aero, Chloe, Susan, Clarissa, and ALL my beloved blogskinners ♥ (only 9 can be mentioned, but MUAHAHAHA I managed to squeeze in MORE with "ALL my beloved blogskinners" :P) (oh wait I decided that I don't care about the limit) & Yockyen, Anna, YikThong, Shuyu, Xuewen, Jiayi, Szeying - just because you guys are ALL too effing awesome! It just seems wrong not to add you guys here :)

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Soon. Maybe. When I'm not procrastinating, haha XD

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