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Thursday, June 30, 2011 5:37 AM
because we're all the best

Love 2NE1's mv for I Am The Best! Well it's truly one of the best mvs haha badass girl ftw! Their music videos are always creative and just idk, different. They always have all those coolshit costumes and hairstyle that wow me :) I can't help but keep staring at their shoes (OMG DAMN COOL I LOVE THEIR SHOES *O*) Love the colour of their lipstick too haha it's like a shade of super super pale pink that look almost white but not entirely white :D

Physical geog paper suck today too :D OMG I CAN ONLY BLAME MYSELF FOR NOT STUDYING HARD ENOUGH :(

a photo of me being hardworking (hahaha who am I trying to kid)

And Mandy gave me a hippo kinder bueno from Barcelona. IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE DON'T YOU GUYS AGREEEEEEE? :D It took me lots of courage to eat such a cute thing (I feel like I'm killing some animals nooooooo)

Last paper tomorrow. Physics T-T

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