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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 9:43 PM
I need more sleep

Apparently Tumblr has a new layout for their dashboard yesterday night and it was a havoc because there are many who disagree with the new layout. Yea I know it's troublesome accessing to your number of followers, queued posts, drafts, messages, etc, but so? I find it really stylish, well it's the first time I'm able to adapt so quickly to a new style hahaha - I'm a VERY stubborn person. Instead of signing petition and all that, why not just get use to this stylish dashboard? It looks so yummy *O* (now you know how many people I'm actually following on Tumblr /faint) Gotta change my theme soon, this theme doesn't suit the new layout, kinda.. weird.

Okay, so I went back to school yesterday for some shitty pw stuff, had a less-than-half-an-hour talk with Mr Yoong and we're off to Macs for our awesome lunch LOL. Angela was crazy as usual, Weiyan was erm, idek hahaha that retardedgal1994 and Yuhui being quiet as usual too. Me? Oh I was too busy being awesome *joking* - please don't bash me :( I have no idea why the hell I went back to school anyway, because after Macs we went back to school, where we camped at the library and I watched my awesome friends SLEEP. Fun day I had huh? Tsktsktsk.
Supposed to be watching Pirates 4 today, but Javan was just too awesome. Tsk never even reply my message, I was craving craving craving craving craving craving for Pirates of the Caribbean! You don't know how disappointed I am. Well if he don't want to watch I'm gonna find somebody else to watch with me, whoever it is I don't care anymore argh so pissed. (yes I sound retarded but I reeeally want to watch that movie again :( )
Going out and I'm gonna be late soon. Sigh. I still prefer watching Pirates 4, can't help but keep thinking that I could have been watching it TODAY. OMG I MUST BE GOING CRAZY I WANT TO REWATCH PIRATES 4 SO BADLY. :(:(:( Sorry for sounding childish but... ugh WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.
Bye. Bye. Bye. /sigh