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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:35 AM
Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

This, is definitely interesting!
Just... saying. Katy Perry's good in this music video, I like the concept because it's creative and original, heh. Can't believe Rebecca Black's inside it too, but she's not that bad huh :)
Some questions though, what's a hen doing in Kathy Beth Terry's room anyway? How do you even keep a hen as your pet in your room? Kinda confusing to me. And, at the end of the music video, it's early in the morning and her parents came back home, right? They're seriously weird, I mean, your daughter's room is in a huge mess plus there's naked guy on her bed, you only say "goodnight" to her after saying some stuff, close the door and walk off? Don't really make sense to me too x_x
But oh well, even though it's kinda weird at some parts, this vid is still pretty cool, I can't help but keep replaying it 8D

Went cycling with 4E1 peeps at East Coast Park today! Who knows just a few hours of cycling can numb my butt LOLOLOL. Photos, well I'll have to wait for YiFang to upload them first so that I can post more about it with photos, haha.
Actually saw two of my primary school classmates at ecp today, but none of them recognized me. Awesome. Either that, or they're just acting dumb and pretending not to see me, tsk.

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