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Monday, June 13, 2011 8:52 AM
Who died, and made you king of anything?

Went to IT fair yesterday with Qiaofen and Niger! *awkward*
Anyway, she got her new laptop, but not before encountering some idiotic cashier who tried to cheat her money, tsk. She received all the money and purposely dropped two $10 note on the floor and pretended that nothing happened and was telling Qiaofen that she didn't give enough. Oh yea right, LIES. And I was looking back behind the counter to check if the money had dropped or something and true enough, the two $10 notes were just lying there so freaking obviously and the cashier told us there's not enough money after looking down at the floor. OBVIOUSLY INTEGRITY ISN'T A WORD THAT CAN BE FOUND IN HER DICTIONARY. And Qiaofen was like, "so this is how she earn her commission?" I really pity the boss for employing somebody like that, hope karma will teach that cashier a lesson one day! Or rather, hope she won't do it again - she's lucky we didn't report her.
Got my new earphone after that, wheeeee~ Well, but not before we walked around like mad. Maaaan Suntec City was totally flooded yesterday, kinda freaky, it's so easy to get lost D: I prefer it when that place have some cosplaying event even though I got chased around by some huge giant the previous time I went LOLOLOL. Oh well they said it was so crowded because it was the last day of IT fair already, awww.

Green wires! It looks kinda weird lar, but hey the quality isn't bad!

Watched Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides today for the second time - early in the morning though hahaha :X YAY thanks to *nice* Javan for accompanying me (even though he's freaking late and didn't bring enough money but oh well I know it's karma because I'm always late and made people wait for me so it's okay haha) Poor boney pig didn't sleep the previous night and was kinda grouchy tsktsktsk and even fell asleep nearing the end of the movie - I feel guilty for being such a troublesome kid who just had to watch Pirates 4 for a second time :X Too bad he sat next to some idiots who apparently watched the movie before too (yea I realize a lot watch it for the second time hahaha cuz Pirates Of The Caribbean is AWESOME!) and keep making a lot of noise because they simply had to point out things they know. Disturbing, *roll eyes* I don't like people who disturb my friends hmph.
At least he had a great time insulting me, oh right.

My awesome tickets from watching POTC twice ♥

Went to Clementi Mall to meet up with Jerlin afterwards, waited for her for about half an hour in the library, eh not bad leh there's quite a number of cute guys there today I'm in luck - eye candies! LOL I sound so boy-crazy. Naw just saying. I find it cute to see this poly/jc guy who brought his like, 10-year-old sister along with him to the library, brotherly love is cute! :D Borrowed three books too, *proud* Miss reading chinese books!
Spent too much time gossiping / talking crap with Jerlin today LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Well I discovered something kinda shocking today hehehe omg we're seriously retarded. I'm sorry for keep disrupting her from studying because I keep finding ridiculously funny stuff in the Teenage magazine and showing them to her (I'm so nice ikr)

Okay lengthy post today LOL I'm so talkative. PEACE.

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