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Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:18 AM
Dead silence / SAJC Saints Festival / Open house!

Photo of the day!! :D

me and mandy looked ajskhdkj while Shaun just sat there looking like some baby panda, awwww

SAJC Saints Festival today! Everyone are welcome, even outsiders, the school cafe was freaking crowded man!!
11A02 had a haunted house - well I suppose I had never blog about this before huh? I had so much to talk about our haunted house but I'm not sure where exactly to start.. First off, we're not really prepared in advance for the event, started doing up the classrooms we'll be using only yesterday. Well actually I had fun tying those tables together (it sounds retarded but yea haha!) because it's actually cool to go around doing it. Argh wait idek why I find it fun. Okay sorry for not making sense, heh.

Arrived in school early this morning for Saints Fest, stayed inside the classroom the entire time except for a 20 minutes break *faint* NOW. Imagine being stuck in classroom with tables stacked around with garbage bags covering it and you have to hide in one small corner for a few hours, with your longer than looong hair covering your face, wearing a long dress and having to run back and forth because you have two ghost roles to act out. I don't know what, but that definitely spells "tiring" to me (I was talking about myself, just in case you don't know o_o) Even those customers who came in were complaining about the haunted house being freaking stuffy, what about those of us who practically camped in the room for so long?!
Well, let's just say that haunted house kinda brings out the bad vulgar side of human. Those who really got scared were like "wtf" "cb" "omg fuckkkkkkkkkkk" "wtf is that?!" "omg no" "you touch me i kick you ah!" "go away!". Pardon for the list of inappropriate words on my blog (haha actually I use them sometimesquite often too, heh) Most popular choice of words upon coming across a "ghost"? "WTF!" and "CB!!" win, hands down. The way some people screamed was so freaking funny I was laughing like mad LOL, but I think I had enough listening to people screaming for the time being :\ But nothing's better than hearing guys scream, you know what I mean ;)
There were so many funny things that had happened - especially comments that made me crack a smile under my fucked up hair, some made me laughed too, even rolled my eyes, glared, mouthed "wtf". You won't know how it feels until you had worked in a haunted house before! Some people are nice and screamy, while some are just pure irritating people who have nothing better to do. So many touched/patted my hair too because they could't believe that real hair can be so long /faint
The girl who recited Newton's laws throughout the haunted house was damn funny too haha. Another guy kept shouting out his phone number for people to call him too, lol wts seriously...
The whole thing got kinda messy... but still, it's satisfying to know that we earned a thousand plus after the hard work and efforts and sweats!! :) Thanks a lot to Weilin and Jeslyn for coming too!! 8D

free cookies & cream, we have so many packets left!:O

La Esperanza concert yesterday from 7.30pm to almost 10pm in school! The performances were awesome, love it more when some people sang songs that I actually know, heh :) It was almost 12 when I reached home though my mum was nagging LOL.

Photo was damn blur - and guess just how tall Veno is? Very near 180cm (Y)

p.s. photos from mandy!
sidenote: bend the top half of your body down with your arms wrapping around your waist and rotate for a few rounds and try to walk. FUN THING TO DO HAHAHAHA

This is such a freaking random and awkward post that makes weird sense!

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