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Monday, July 18, 2011 8:56 AM
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Warning to those who haven't watch it but want to: you're encouraged not to read this post, unless you love spoilers :D

(Putting Harry cuz he's the main character, Draco because, well, because he's DA DRACO MALFOY!)

SO. I WATCHED THE VERY, VERY, VERY LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE YESTERDAY. FUCK YEAH! Can't believe everything's gonna end just there. Well actually I'm not that big of a  fan of Harry Potter, but I guess I got influenced (being the typicalblah me) by those harry potter-related posts on Tumblr. Everyone's like, "MY CHILDHOOD'S GONNA END! NOOOOO!" Not that I'm insulting those fans - even though I sound like I am - but yea, so I kinda lost control and felt so sad during the movie that I CRIED. LOLYAY.
Okay I should start this post properly. Yesterday was quite an interesting/blah day. Went out with Qiaofen and Jiesi to Far East on a last minute notice (had planned to watch Naruto and do homework one actually!!! haha), walked around and talked about stuff, blah blah blah. Well, something's just too inappropriate to talk about on my blog here. Someday I'm gonna create a blog under a pseudonym and vent all my feelings and anger and fear and sadness and emoness there that any reader trying to read my posts will faint from erm, reading. *shrug* My mood swings are just way too "awesome".
Met up with 11A02 guys afterwards to watch THE MOVIE. Now, let me try to recall who was there according to how we sat in the cinema: Anthony, Daphne, Sacchin, Xinyun, Shaun, ME! (:D), Franzi and Jeremy (not sure if Daphne's the one who sat beside Anthony or Sacchin, hmmmm) (why am I even blogging about this??? just realized, imagine reading this post a few years later with all the details I always like including in my post can bring back the memories better ^^) Saw Mr Benjamin Thong too, he was with his wife hahahaha! #theawkwardmoment when you saw your econs teacher going to watch the same movie with you ._.
HARRY POTTER WAS EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC. - Nope, I didn't copy and paste, swearing this on my integrity :) I lost so many tears for so many scenes omg... Since you guys know that 7 is a wonderful number for the Harry Potter, I actually watch this movie in July and sat on the 7th seat! :D YAY SEVEN. (can't help but think that I'll probably think that I was retarded if I were to read this post years later, provided that the world's not gonna end in 2012 :X)

Things worth mentioning:
  • Professor McGonall - "Finally, I got to use this spell!"
  • Lord Voldemort - "The boy who lived... has come to die."
  • Dumbledore - "After all this time, you still like her?"
  • Ron Weasley - "She's my girlfriend.... (I kinda forgot what he said after that but he was damn funny)!"
  • The smug smile Mrs Weasley gave after killing Bellatrix, sending her to the pits of helllll :)
  • When Neville Longbottom killed Nagini with the Gryffindor sword (I clapped and cheered in the cinema :D)
Saw this post from http://xdearlydamagedx.tumblr.com/  and I fully agree with her post:
Harry potter coming out of no where.
Okay, some of the scenes that pissed me off most.

1) Harry walking out of the group of students in the hall, I’m sorry, when did that happen in the book? Oh thats right IT DIDN’T. I don’t know why it bothered me so much but I can remember clutching my friends hand saying “this isn’t right! This isn’t right!!!”

2) Fred dying, we didn’t even see it happen, nor did we see Tonks and Lupin die either, Fred and George were hardly seen in the second movie, it kind of erased the significance of his death, also, where the hell was Percy? Did he disappear of the face of the earth? Was he even in that movie? He was meant to bloody redeem himself after everything, but no. Didn’t happen.

3) The romance between Ginny and Harry was shocking. Where was the passion, that one kiss there did nothing for me. It was like “Off to go fight to the death. Kae bye”

4) Harry’s death. Okay when Harry left Ron didn’t even hug him. Ron’s just chilling like “yeah its all good, best mates going to go die. Shit happens.” When everyone believed him to be dead, where were Hagrids tears? Screams of angst coming from the crowd, there was none. NONE AT ALL, well there was Ginny but that was it.

Also in the nineteen years later, Ginny looked terrible. Sorry, I hated how she looked there.

Besides that the movie was great.

But yeah, thoughts?

OH and one more thing, after 18 years of hearing “you have your mothers eyes” do you think in the flash back, they could of gotten an actress with BLUE EYES?! I know in the book, Harry is meant to have green eyes, but still. I SEE THIS RANGA CHICK WITH BROWN EYES AND IM NOT HAPPY!

(In response to my answers)

no, Hagrid did NOT know that harry wasn’t dead at all, in the book he was crying all over the place
Seriously. Especially #2! Absolutely agree with it. The Weasley twins need more screen time! :(
I wanna watch this again in 3D though!! Anybody nice enough to treat? I'll be happy to go with ANY of you out there if you are willing to, hehe.

Ate at Mac's afterwards with the awesome peeps. Jeremy's so amazing because he watched the very first Harry Potter (philosopher's stone/sorcerer's stone) movie and the very last (death hallows part2, he didn't even watch part 1 wts?!) only! Can you guys believe omg hahaha! Which was why he has so many questions about the movie because he's confused, apparently -.-"
Went home after that, ran/walked all the time from Lido to Scape just to take a bus home :\ Sigh if only I wasn't in such a rush, it's cooling to walk around in Orchard in the middle of the night, you can practically taste the freedom in your mouth. Next time when I have a boyfriend (who knows? #foreveralone) I'll definitely drag him to walk around Orchard with me in the middle of the night LMAO. Yes, I mean Orchard ROAD, not the malls, just lingering like some hobo. FUN LEH! :D