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Monday, July 25, 2011 6:06 AM
Something, will never change

HA! First thing in this post will be a photo of me in my bed hair this morning. (laughs)

Didn't go to school today. Due to being over-active as a "ghost" during my class's haunted house event on Saturday, my leg's muscle ache is so bad that every steps that I take hurts like ajksfdxhkdsjhfjkhjkdhf. I had a terrible headache yesterday too, even though I feel better today, I decided not to go school after all even though I had woke up to brush my teeth and stuff - meh I'm too tired :(
I sound sexy too, TEEHEE. Screamed too much on Saturday and lost my precious voice. Who knows being a ghost can be so tiring?!
...and so, I spent my day at home watching Naruto... omg I feel so guilty, should have do my homework D:

Anyway, fansigns for Lionel! I wanted to draw something, but I realized that I can't draw *coughs* guys. Everytime I try drawing a male character they'll end up looking like a girl (OMG X_X) and so here's a scribble only :\ I'll try to draw another one next time to make it up to you!

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