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Monday, July 18, 2011 7:53 AM
Quick update

I know, it has been more than 10 days since I last blogged! OH GOD WTH'S WRONG WITH ME. For the past 10+ days I've telling myself the same thing over and over again - "I'll blog tomorrow." Yea but somehow I ended up not blogging and so many days passed by. Sigh I feel so disappointed in myself, argh :(
Anyway, just a quick update since I haven't really been updating my life. Got back my common test results. FREAKING FUCKED UP. I totally screwed it up this time round. Seriously, I'll have to really start mugging and put in more effort. Hating the fact that people thinks I'm stupid. Well, it's kinda a fact that aquarians hate it when people thinks that they're dumb or something. Okay it's my fault actually, I'll have to do something it, real quick and get back on my proper study track!!! - oh wait, do I even have one in the first place? Everytime I come to blog about me not studying and that I should start doing it and end up NOT. Like, wts? I really hope that I can produce good results for the upcoming MSA2 and show of bout it on my blog. I don't want another effing post about me regretting not studying and scoring bullshitz, sigh. THIS MUST COME TO AN END!!! :(
My life has been revolving around school and Naruto, not much has been up. Well actually if I were to blog every single day like a good gal should I could have stuff to blog about, actually, hmmmmm :\
Lemme think. Think. Think. Think. BUT NO! Everyday I have to wake up early as mad and go to school, which like, 1.5 hour away from house OHMAIGAWDZ MADNESS.