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Sunday, August 28, 2011 9:36 AM
Over, sideways and under

#np A Whole New World *forever a fan of Aladdin* :):):)

Anyway, let's see, what have I been up to? Other than slacking, went for a "job interview" on Thursday! Gonna be working at the upcoming IT fair, cya guys, somebody come visit me pretty prettayyyyy please! I'm kinda worried if I'm really up for the job. You see, those working at IT fairs are always daring to speak, talk to customers cheerfully and definitely definitely NOT the shy kind. Okay, I might be friendly to people and you can always see me talking loudly, but that's only within my own circle of friends. Sometimes you'll see me with a "black" face around strangers, but seriously I'm not pissed, I'm just too shy and thus the moody face. OH GOD.
Seriously worrying for myself. What if I screw up? :(
Argh I need to stop thinking so much. Whatever. Training's tomorrow! GAHHHHH GOTTA WAKE UP EARLY!

AND. 50% off for Sogurt on Friday. WOOHOO AWESOME I SPENT ONLY 3 BUCKS AFTER QUEUING UP FOR QUITE SOME TIME. Thanks Yifan for coming along haha, and Jerlin ate a lot tsktsktsk. Well, definitely worth it, I should have put more stuff into my cup luh!

My pretty cup of Sogurt, neat huh? ;)

Met up with YiFang and Jiesi to study yesterday @BPP :D:D:D My Math is so awesome I don't know how to any questions at all. NOTE TO SELF: TIME TO REVISE!!!!AHSDJKHAKSJHFHSKAJF
PW meeting with Mr Yoong today @Plaza Sing. Didn't really accomplish much today, slack too much visiting Angela's house at some ulu place! HAHAHA. :X

Till then, peace. :)