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Friday, September 23, 2011 7:04 AM


Finished watching Durarara!!, all 24 episodes and omg it was freaking awesome!!!!!!! Firstly, it's not your typical shounen or shoujo anime. The plot's damn cool and the anime's so mysterious, there's this invisible power from it that keeps drawing me to it and keeps me curious and that made me want to finish the whole thing at one go. All the characters here have a story of their own, everything is just freaking amazing ZOMFGGGGG IDK HOW TO SAY IT BUT IT WAS DAMN NICE AHHHHH.
I still remember my reaction after watching the first few episodes. First episode: Erm, WOAH. Second: Hmmm okaaaaay. Third: Oh god. Fourth: OMG I WANT TO KEEP WATCHING AND WATCHING AND WATCHINGGGGGG. YES, IT WAS THAT INTRIGUING.
I love Shizuo's "殺す 殺す 殺す 殺す 殺す 殺す 殺す 殺す" - the way he says it is simply p e r f e c t. *O*!! And and and I love how strong Shizuo is, how he throw vending machines around from time to time (格好良いいいいいいいいいいいいいい~!!!) Not only Shizuo, I love Celty too! Especially Celty and Shinra pair omg they're totally a pair made in heaven, despite the fact that Celty is actually a Dullahan - a faerie without a head. XD

I think I'm kinda obsessed. ._.

my two favourite characters - Celty and Shizuo!!!!! *O* (Shizuo in his bartender outfit... OMG I CAN'T BREATHE)

Shizuo, Shizuo and Shizuo :D:D:D

*I can't remember the sources for all this gif D:

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