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Friday, September 23, 2011 6:17 AM
Happy Key Day


Dedicating a post to Shinee's Key Kim Kibum for his birthday. What I love about him - he's so adorable, almighty (good at dancing, singing, rapping... and even damn strong, if you watched makbanshi 8D) and actually I'm kinda like him, meaning that personally, I feel that our personalities are kinda similar. Not gonna elaborate on that though hahaha! 23rd September - not that I'm just biased, BUT SERIOUSLY. DON'T YOU GUYS AGREE THAT 23RD SEPTEMBER SOUNDS NICEEEEEEE? :)
I feel sorry for being such a absent shawol this year, it has been a busy year for me and I guess I'm more into animes these days. Hey, but being fickle-minded me, I always switch back and forth. I feel guilty though, I have no idea what Shinee's doing now and their recent events blah blah blah :\


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