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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 11:54 PM
Tell me something that you know

#U-kiss - Someday

Not in school today so I decided to blog. Naw, not that I have anything to update anyway, mehhhhh.
And why wasn't I in school? Not really feeling well (it's 80% true I swear!), I can still wake up and walk and everything but everyday I left school feeling lethargic with an extreme headache wanting to kill everyone and sleep forever. So, I decided to take a rest at home. Heh. Okay I suck, but still. :( I feel so depressed going to school these days, knowing that I have to face all the facts that I'm really lagging behind everyone in terms of revision for promos. The bag of stress I'm carrying now is waaaaay beyond my limit, and trust me, the stress level for promos in j1 is far greater than the stress level during Olevel. I really treated O's like a joke, only studied one day for each subject... but then again, I had more consistent work throughout the year last year as compared to this year. Didn't really do much homework this year, let alone pay full attention during lectures.
Promos starts on 26th September (IN LESS THAN A WEEK'S TIME OH NO DIE DIE DIE) but on a happier note, it's Thursday tomorrow (a new episode of Naruto will be out yay yay yay) and it's 23rd Sept on Friday - Key's 20th birthday! But then again, promos will be getting more closer. Sigh. Oh well, bye, I'LL BE BACK.