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Saturday, December 3, 2011 7:34 PM

柯 : 沈佳宜 , 我很喜欢妳 , 非常喜欢妳 , 总有一天 , 一定要追到妳 ..

沈 : 你想知道答案吗 ? 我现在就可以告诉你 :)

柯 : 拜托不要现在告诉我 ..
我还沒有问妳 , 所以妳不可以拒绝我 ..请让我继续喜欢妳…


Okay. It's been since forever since I last blogged. Omg I'm so inconsistent sorry :(

Anyway. Watched 【那些年,我們一起追的女孩】 (You're the Apply of My Eye) last week with Sijia and Leshan! It's something that I wanted to blog about but I was reeeeally lazy (yep as usual haha wazzup guys) - still as lazy but I'm making myself blog @@ It's definitely amazing like what everybody has been saying. It's not like I'm following the trend or something I'm saying that it's amazing because I love it! Before watching the movie, I already have a quite high expectation for it because many has been praising it, about how nice it is, the tickets are always sold out yada yada...
I was rather skeptical about it when the movie starts, because of the erm *cough* sick parts (mind you it's NC16 okay!) and I have no idea why everyone in the cinema found those so hilarious they kept laughing and laughing while I was just staying still in my seat and hugging my legs to myself (cuz it's COLD in there LOL) wondering whether or not I should laugh because I don't really find those parts funny. In fact, rather than funny, I actually found those parts normal, just that it's a little bit awkward, haha.
Other than the sick parts that is worth mentioning (erm actually it's not that worth mentioning but I mentioned it because I want to. LALALA), there's always the sad (VERY SAD) love story between the main guy and main girl character. I hate how they didn't end up together and how the movie producers purposely keep doing those flashbacks (like: *omg you see they last time so happy together right, haha now we move to the present again, now you see MWAHAHAHA THEY WON'T BE TOGETHER IN THE END HAHA STUPID AUDIENCE LALALA WE'RE GONNA MAKE YOU CRY!!!* - my imagination for the producers' thoughts lol) So yep I was trying my best NOT to cry because the scene is so dramatic and typical and kinda lame and d— OMG /CREYZ CREYZ CREYZ NAO I NEED TISSUE PASS ME THE TISSUE PLEASE ;__;
Yea I guess that's how movie producers make money or something because i cried at ALL flashbacks goddammit I definitely have a soft spot for flashbacks T-T Well actually for a romance film it's really awesome and worth watching. The song for the movie is really good too - 胡夏's 《那些年》:):):)

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