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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 9:48 AM
New Year 2012!

42 FREAKING REPLIES. (well actually there's more people who reply after that but I lost count..) Right before the clock struck 12am on New Year's Eve I hurriedly typed a simple new year message and send to my lovely friends, all fifty plus of you guys! But alas, because it's New Year, my phone got jammed and I end up sending a handful of people three times /coughs. It actually took me more than 20 minutes to finish sending everyone OTL

ANYWAY. Spent the last minute of 2011 and the first moments of 2012 at Sweden's house along with Felicia Jiesi Junyuan Qiaofen Sweden YiFang! They started off playing mahjong (I can't play mahjong to save my life maaaan) and just about one minute before 12 midnight, we rushed to the front of the tv and count down along with the people on Channel 5 and watched fireworks... through tv -.- LOL HAHA it's actually quite okay luh the fireworks were really pretty (I LOVE FIREWORKS(*´▽`*)♥) but it was kind of a pity to watch it from the tv only urgh :\
Spent the first few hours of new year playing poker and Monopoly. YES, Monopoly ಠ_ಠ After not playing it for so many years, I HAVE ONCE AGAIN BOUGHT THE ULTIMATE MAYFAIR /proud face (what the.) We actually played Monopoly for like 3 frickin' hours oh god it was a draggy game (when was Monopoly ever NOT draggy??) but it was fine because I had fun reminiscing my childhood ;_;
Sat around after that and talked until like 9am plus in the morning before going to IMM for breakfast (whee~~ I lub Long Johns breakfast! XD) Reached home at about 11am plus and fell asleep after switching on my comp (what a waste!)

SO. My New Year was spent beautifully~~ Okay this happened a few days ago already I'm slow at updating about my life on MY OWN BLOG -__- (yes and my overseas trip - i'm lazy to update the photos but urgh dammit)