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Monday, April 2, 2012 8:13 AM
Mum says.

Well not that I've been a good kid ever since I got into primary school (k i swear I was one of the best kids out there who listen to everything her mum says when I was yoooung) but even so, I realized that mum do say weird stuff... probably just because she don't feel comfortable not scolding so she has to force herself to scold me sometimes. Okaaaay.
For example. She loves linking everything bad that happens to me with me bathing at late hours everyday. Situations like when I tell my mum "eh I got muscle ache leh so tired cuz got pe today" she'll be like "must be you bathing late again!" in a super fierce tone and I'll be like wait... whaaaat did she just said??? NO LINK LOL. "Eh mum I so sleepy in school today." "must be you bathing late again that's why" "Eh mum my bag very heavy today ah" "must be you bathing late again that's why" "Eh mum..." "MUST BE YOU BATHING LATE AGAIN YESTERDAY NIGHT THAT'S WHY"

Um. OKAAAAY. No offence lol just saying I actually find this funny even though it can be kinda annoying sometimes. Do parents actually feel bored when they aren't scolding their children? *coughs* maybe my mum's too used to scolding me everyday so she doesn't feel comfortable when she isn't scolding HAHAHA.