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Sunday, April 1, 2012 2:28 AM
updates #419

...I changed my layout again oh god. Let's see, I get sick of layouts with a proper design VERY quickly, which explains why I often uses plain layouts like this one. Okay, hope I won't get sick of this anytime soon :\ And I actually put off blogging just because I don't like my layout. So... yep.

Another week has past, so I'm another week nearer to A's! WOOHOO JUST COME AND KILL ME NOW GDI. /sobbing/ So far I've only gotten back my physics paper for bt1. I should get slap for saying: I'm relieved that I actually got an S. Meh, because I was expecting an U, since I left many questions blank (BUT I STUDIED OMG WHY) S is almost as horrible as U, but um, sliiiiiiiightly better. *coughs* I won't expect much from my other papers, especially math - no. NO WAY AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING MY MATH PAPER BACK UGH WHAT.
Well school would have been fine if not for my laziness, selfishness, and bullshit thoughts. Any horrible feelings I ever have in school is probably ALL my fault. Even those moments when I get pissed off at other people. It's most probably because of me and my selfish thoughts. Yep I'm ugly on both outside and inside. PSSHHHH WHY AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN EMO POST.

Oh yea. But I don't have really have much to talk about. Why am I even keeping a  blog? My life isn't fun to blog about anyway oh god what am I doing orz

WAIT. Saint Andrew's Village (well i actually took the time to type this out properly lol) is gonna have a carnival TO CELEBRATE OUR 150 YEARS ANNIVERSARY on 7th April! Any Singaporeans reading this should drop by if you guys are free. Well I'm not sure whether it's going to be fun or not (I HAVE HIGH HOPES THOUGH) There'll be lots of games and stuff, since SAV's made up of sajs, sass, and sajc :) WHEEEEE I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! My class had a haunted house for some sa festival last year and there are classes from sajc doing it this year too, heh maybe I should try out theirs XD

LOL HAPPY APRIL FOOLS'! (nope not talking about what i've written above lol)
Look at all the trolling haha: