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Sunday, April 8, 2012 10:01 AM
Update #421

psst i like this drink! XD

Idek why this blog is still getting views when I rarely blog anymore, mostly due to my laziness I'm a horrible person who blogs in my mind during every single second of my life everyday and got lazy by the time I got home from school. Yep herp derp, too lazy to type out all my thoughts and by the time I've reached home I would have forgotten what I wanted to blog about orz Or maybe it's just some bots visiting my blog trying to fill my tagboard with their stupid adverts as usual BUT HEY I'VE REMOVED MY TAGBOARD MWAHAHAHAHA SO NO MORE PLAYGROUND FOR YOU BOTS!

K. I don't get how girls can go screaming around with their friends everywhere, whether in public, during outings and idk, just... everywhere! And even online, about how they love each other. I'll be like, wtf is wrong with you guys. Seriously. Or maybe it's because I'm just plain jealous. Jealous how they can show their feelings so easily. Jealous how they can be comfortable with each other. Oh man I've never even tell anybody that I love them to their face in my ENTIRE LIFE. Okay wait. Maybe I did. To my family when I was like what, 5? Mehhh.
The only things that I can claim that I love without feeling embarrassed are things that are either non-living things and things that are out of my reach (for example anime characters lmao I LOVE ICHIGO 5EVER and those celebrities/idols omg Evan Taubenfeld Tom Felton Key Onew with his chicken SHINee and everyone everyone everyone and YUHAMIN AND MINWOOT OMG)
However, I do like the fact that I don't speak of love easily, I like how I only say it when I DO mean it. I don't see the point of throwing "love" around so easily, as if it's something insignificant. Which is why it makes me sad when I tell somebody that I love them on their birthday and stuff when I reeeeally mean it from the deepest of my heart they reply with something like "haha lol thanks" and I'll be like WTH?! SCREW YOU LOL. Take my love seriously or else I'll make you eat shit. Okay maybe not. I'm not that bad. :) Just be careful of me cuz even though I'm more of a tsundere I can be quite a yandere too? (what am I yakking about idek)
Meh. I'm sad. I hate seeing people using the word 'love' so carelessly too. OH DAMN I SEE IT EVERYDAY. DO THEY EVEN MEAN IT. DO THEY?! PSSSHHSJDFHASJHFAJHKASF.
I'm not completely sure I'm really pissed off or I'm just jealous. Right now I'll stick to being not pleased about how people treat that word instead of jealous. But maybe it's a mixture of these two. Who knows? Who cares? :)
Well. Nobody except for me.

Okay those stuff... aside. This post is so wordy. ._.

With all the awesome animes from the previous season ending recently, there's actually plenty of new animes coming out to fill the gap for the finished ones. So sad. Most of them don't appeal because I got bored just reading the description. Or maybe it's because I judge too fast. HMMM.
So far I'm the most interested in Sankarea (about this guy who likes zombies or something well wait he doesn't like zombies, HE'S OBSESSED WITH ZOMBIES and turned this pretty girl into zombie or something and hence the love story for them i guess?) and Koruko no Basket (something about basketball club in school with a dozen hot guys for you to choose and drool over and I think it's kinda funny too...? too fast to judge i'm only at episode one!)
OH RIGHT. And Zetman! It's not bad I guess, just that the monster/player thingy kinda freaks out me they look gross especially this monsterish guy with his long snakey tongue that has the ability to slice people up in the blink of an eye? Can't wait for Jin to grow up in the next episode though, the seiyuu's awesome cuz he's Ulquiorra and Kazehaya AND Jellal too omfg gahsdghagdfjgasjfdkashk #nosebleed #faint #dead Awesome voice huh?
Other new animes that I kinda watched a little bit for its episode one  cuz I can't be sure if I want to continue in the future are Shirokuma Cafe and Naruto SD. Shirokuma Cafe's about this polar bear with a restaurant or something like that and this super lazy panda who I can totally relate to (LOL) but it's kiiiinda weird and it feels like a pointless anime (but yea i'm watching poyopoyo too what's wrong with me omg) so I'm not quite sure? Naruto SD's focus on Lee instead of Naruto but he makes appearances during the SD too so it's kinda okay except that it doesn't really have a proper plot so if people watch it they probably do that because of how cute the characters look in their chibi form? Other than that I don't really have a reason to watch it :\ But I put it on my watching list so I guess I'll be watching it from time to time when I'm bored or something?
None of the above's gonna beat Bleach though, which is said to be one of the big threes (with the two Naruto and One Piece - shall start One Piece after Alevel cuz of the 500+ episodes currently I don't want to kill myself omg IT'S SUICIDE IF I START WATCHING IT NOW) I'm left with like 33 episodes for Bleach and I love every single minute and second of it even though I'm not even at the last anime arc yet Nozomi's so pretty with her green hair OMG I SHIP HER WITH KON YES OMG KON. Hehe Kon's so cute I'm sad that he has haters or something idek I saw it on some Bleach forum thingy.
AND OMG I CHANGED MY TUMBLR'S ICON TO GGIO VEGA HE'S SO CUTE AND NOT ONLY THAT HE'S ALSO VOICED BY TETSUYA KAKIHARA LIKE WOAH I LOVE THAT VOICE I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I LISTENED TO GGIO VEGA TALKING. Cuz he has Natsu's vocie kekeke. Still love him even though he has died /coughs/ I love everyone's voice in Bleach so yep I shall not elaborate or else it's never going to end.
And kudos to Yume for adding cat's whiskers to the Bleach fam's icons for everyone XD

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