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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 7:59 AM
Happy New Year!

The first day of 2013 is ending in about 10 minutes so I thought I should type an entry today since well, um, it's new year??? So yepppp.

My achievements in this new year so far? Well I just finished the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy and half of the third book too. YESSS ALL IN A DAY which means I haven't quite done much today except for reading... not sure whether this is productive or not haha. I'm happy because after wanting to read the books for AGES I finally got my hands on them! Not literally. Reading them on my iphone thanks to those files that Jiesi had sent me to my email. At least I finally got to read them and know the Finnick Odair that I have seen so many people on tumblr fangirling over. I can't wait till I reach the ending omg- haven't really heard about it but I hope it's a happy ending??? (instead of the one for The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld where my favourite guy DIED I BAWLED MY EYES OUT ;-;)

So anyway, may 2013 be a good year (please please please please please I'm desperate)

May I get a nice job that I can enjoy and also get me experiences, attain good alevel results (kinda shameless on this wish cuz I didn't work hard for the exam yea I'm a horrible person), become more responsible, be more sociable and most of all, find out what exactly I want to do in life.