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Sunday, December 9, 2012 10:34 AM
Rurouni Kenshin (live action)

(gifs from hereeee)

SOOoOooOoooOOo I was kinda lazy to blog so yep here's another delayed blog post haha.

Watched the live action of Rurouni Kenshin in the cinemas with Javan on Friday! That was after attending some uni talk thingy with Mandy and Weiyan in the afternoon ^^ Haven't seen him in a long time and he has um... blue hair now. *coughs* (I really want to dye my hair red but my mum's not allowing me to ugh I'm so jealous of people who get to dye their hair sadhjshfk)

Anyway. I only started watching the anime like very, very recently. The live action for RK follows the first few arcs of the anime... okay not really, (um how do I say this) instead of following the story entirely, the movie actually merged the first few arcs and lasted for about 2 hours? Overall the movie's really cool, with all those badass fighting scenes (I LOVE SWORDS PRZ) and of course, everyone's favourite guy in the entire series - the protagonist Himura Kenshin, or better known as Hitokiri Battousai (literally "sword-drawing manslayer" ...I think) acted by Satou Takeru *fangirl screamMSSSS*

The plot wasn't really surprising actually, (except for the fact that they merged the arcs and made the bad guys who were supposedly from different arcs all connected together in a single story so it was pretty cool) since I've only watched the anime recently. Satou Takeru portrayed Kenshin perfectly, though I couldn't help but think how the cross scar on his face actually looks like the top of a bun (sorry dhsjkdhksh) Then there's Sano who looks like a hobo to me well maybe that's cuz his hair is all spiked up in the anime but in reality that can't really be achieved so his hair's kinda floppy and messy rather than being spiky... I'm neutral with Kaoru and Yahiko... but omG I LOVE MEGUMI THE LIVE-ACTION ONE I MEAN OMG SHE'S BEAUTIFUL AHHHHH (it is really rare for me to fangirl over females okay!!!)

Moving on, there was one scene with the bad guy (too lazy to remember his name I suck at remembering Japanese names hsdjakdhjks unless it's the names of characters I love of course) throwing his money down from the second floor urging all those ex-samurais he employed to attack Kenshin and Sano saying how they can get more if they kill them or something??? This part didn't make sense to me LOL. If I was one of those samurais I WON'T BOTHER FIGHTING AT ALL I'LL BE THE FIRST ONE BENDING DOWN AND PICKING UP ALL THOSE NOTES THAT ARE SCATTERED EVERYWHERE IN THE GARDEN, while other samurais are busy and being stupid attacking their enemies. Oh come on, if they really love money they wouldn't even bother attacking and neglect all those money around them, seriously.

...Not gonna talk about the entire plot the movie's 2 hours THERE'S TOO MUCH SO YEP.

Overall I love slashing and swords and fighting scenes and blood and HimurA KENSHIN kYAAAA

I love the ticket it's oranGEEEEEE LOL