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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 4:25 AM
happy endings are stories that haven't ended yet

Meep I posted on bs again.

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I'm so bored okay I really want to get new clothes and stuff but I'm so goddamn PICKY!!! Ugh can't believe I traveled all the way to City Plaza after work yesterday by myself and didn't buy anything at all (adult fare is really expensive I'M SAD) Damn.

Well, there actually was several shirts and pairs of shoes I really like, but as I try to make my decisions I always ended up finding faults with them. Like how the shirt may look really nice BUT I HATE THE BUTTONS I want FLAT buttons not those rounded 3D ones. And the shoes I like don't look nice on me. Oh and I don't like shoes that are pointy in front too. Meh.

Which is why I always have very, very few selection for what I want to wear when I go out, and I'm forever wearing those few shirts and shorts. Plus I have more stay-at-home clothes as compared to my going-out clothes. Sigh sigh sigh

I'm sorry my blog's boring it's pretty much all about me complaining and whining about random shits like this gah