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Sunday, March 17, 2013 6:33 AM
sometimes i get kinda sentimental and i hate this

"...but you told me you love me!" "i did?"

i hate it when people says "i love you" easily. throwing the word "love" around so casually, you may just hurt the person you say it to. i feel that it should only be said when you truly mean it, whether it's a good friend or your family or somebody who you're in a relationship with idk

"love" is more than just a word. by telling somebody that you love him/her, you would have to bear the responsibility of showing it. all words without any actions are just dumb and lame. bullshits and craps.

upon hearing that somebody "loves" us, we tend to have higher expectation from them. we expect them to understand us, to be able to tolerate us at our worst and be there when we are on the verge of breaking down. they do not have to contribute anything, just their presence and a listening ear would have been enough. not mock at us for our inabilities, not ignoring us at moments when we most need encouragement.


[inserts a huge chunk of paragraph that was supposed to be here but i deleted it]


whatever. idk what's with me tonight