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Saturday, January 5, 2013 1:02 AM
"Deep waters hold reflections of times lost long ago"

...Haven't update my blog for days even though I meant to update like everyday but I'm such a pig so yea.

Went for the first proper job interview in my life yesterday. It was kinda awkward and I was pretty nervous before the interview but after it started I got more relaxed because the interviewees were at least friendly so it was okay I guess? They gave me two tests, of which the first one is writing an (fake) email using Microsoft Word to some teacher asking information on random stuff. Well that was fine, but the second test requires me to count some data things on Excel and omg I suck at using Excel so much I just-

Ugh idk *roll off into sunset*

Anyway, here's an update on 11A02 class gathering on the second last day of 2012! :)
There's not much to talk about it... um, all we did was ate, played taboo and twister (I sprained myself ughhh) and take random class photos haha. Oh and thanks Xinyun for hosting us over at her condo's function room! ^^