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Sunday, March 24, 2013 4:33 AM
PAWLY put the kettle on ♬

Met up with Angela, Weiyan, Lyn and Yunlu (stated in PAWLY order hahaha it's okay if you don't get it /coughs) for dinner on Tuesday @ Orchard Central's Genki Sushi!

Had an awesome meal ahhhhHHHHhhHh I love Japnese food *u* Only spent like a little over ten bucks... I love how their bowls look small but there's actually a lot of rice and meat in a bowl, enough to make me feel super full- the food was hella awesome!

It was damn funny cuz every time another one of our order arrives, we started taking out our camera/phones and snapping photos of the food like we were some paparazzi while those food were like celebrities idk LOL

Aren't these mochis just so... cute???!!1 :'D

I love how our food arrives on a train along the 'rails' at the side of our table

Spicy Salmon Sushi! It was awesome but I also kinda regret ordering it was so spicy I lost my voice for a while I had to drink lots of water ;-;

Random photo while we were queuing up for our turn to be seated~

Well the toilet had this really pretty mirror so...

Group photo!