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Monday, March 18, 2013 11:37 PM
update #497

This post is gonna be a random photo updates of things from the past month. Meep. (Going out later to meet A02 peeps for dinner and also buying a cardigan I saw the other day when I went to jp *o*)

This precious music box was given from Bettina (one of the awesome people I've met on Tumblr she's also my LINE Play kareshi (´艸`)) It plays Always With Me from Spirited Away isn't it cute daksdjkl

Doodled Jack Frost @ work

Birthday brownie from A02 peeps when it was still a week away from my birthday! Love P.Osh brownies and I like that they remember how to spell my name the way I always want people to- a capital P and a capital L without a space between Pui and Ling HAHAHA.

cool kids @ mrt station

Got to watch One Piece: Film Z sneak preview in the cinemas with Yuhui! Got the popcorn combo and also a free limited edition file and one piece red packets (lol) Film Z was really great ZORO IN GLASSES IS TOO DELICIOUS I JUST- /excuse me

Cookies from Yuhui for my birthday!
She made them herself it tasted awesome ahhhdkjashdk :'D

拜年 @ YiFang's house they had a mini surprise (?) birthday celebration for me :'D


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