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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:26 PM
text posts that irk me

People who goes "omg i hate it when people ask me if i'm okay because if i say i'm not i sound like a bitch and if i say im fine i sound like im hiding smth"

Seriously? What do you want people to ask then? If you hate people asking you if you're okay so friggin' much why don't you just stop acting like something's wrong or tweeting emo stuff nonstop and shits? People are just trying to show their concerns and the fact that we even bother asking whether you're okay or not is because we care and we want to offer some help, at least a listening ear if you need somebody.

If you're going to be all "i hate it when people ask me that" you're actually very obnoxious, and also, hurtful.

This is common too: "if i'm quiet i'm either: sad, hurt, nothing to talk about, too tired to talk, angry, worried, over-thinking or all of the above" I actually laughed out loud at this because excuse me, you have already listed out all the reasons why people don't talk sometimes. LIKE DURRRHHHH what other reasons are there?

Why not add: losing my voice, born without the ability to speak, i don't like my voice?