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Saturday, May 10, 2014 5:36 AM
Update #536

How do you draw? Do you draw things with one confident stroke or do you draw by doing many light and short strokes?

Looking at the stuff I drew when I was a lot younger, I realized how much I've changed. I was much more confident in the past. I used to wonder why people draw by going over the same part so many times just trying to get the shape to look right when I can get it in a single move of my pencil.

I can't do that now. Not without being afraid that I would ruin the entire drawing if I run my pencil across the paper with a single confident stroke.

Like people say, newborn calves aren't afraid of the tigers. Sometimes it's better being young and foolish, doing things without having to fear about consequences, than being old, experienced and fearing the consequences from the lessons you have learned from past failures.

Yes I know failures do make you stronger, and experiences make you better. But it kind of feels like the courage and the dare to challenge something, or the dare to take risks, is lost along the way.

I don't know.