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Sunday, May 18, 2014 4:32 AM
Update #537

This anon on tumblr asked me to make regular posts for song recommendations, and well, I wanted to, but the problem is that sometimes there just aren't enough good releases for me to make a post about it. But here's a few!

Seo In Guk - Bomtanaba
Well, what can I say about this song.... It's just Seo In Guk being a dork cute with his caffeine addiction and sleepless nights. If I have to describe the song I would say that it's very.... coffee. It feels like a song you would hear in a coffee shop idk? Very comfy and warm :) (side note: ugh i love him so much in Reply 1997)

AKMU - Give Love
If you haven't listen to AKMU, you're MISSING OUT. This music video for "Give Love" is sort of a sequel to the mv for 200% I think? I felt kinda confused about the story though... but it's still good! Soohyun is really cute as a stalker in the mv haha. Well actually the entire album is amazing itself. People should listen to all their songs :D

Putting this here cuz the behind scenes for Give Love is really cute haha.

Wheesung - Night and Day
I love this song a lot!!! He has this amazing and soulful voice (imo) I wish I could comment on the music video but I didn't really pay much attention to it (SORRY) I just listened to the song and it's great so yea heh ^^ I may listen to all sorts of genres but it's this kind of catchy + emotional song that gets to me the most, kinda like Daughtry's Crawling Back To You kind of songs.

IU - My Old Story
UGH IU. She's so pretty. But lemme talk about her voice. It's so cute, yet so matured at the same time? Her singing voice is always so ~flowy~ This song kinda feels like a lullaby, in a good way. On a side note, isn't the guy in this mv from Rooftop Prince? I saw him recently in the kdrama You're All Surrounded too haha (well I think it's him it looks like it was him) :)

Ladies' Code - Make Me Go Crazy
People has been telling me to listen to Ladies' Code when I ask for recommendation but unfortunately, none of their songs really click with me...? Well I came across this song recently, it's from a kdrama called Flower Grandpa Investigative Team. I don't watch the drama but I quite like the song I guess. Finally listen to them so yep haha :x It kind of makes me feel like watching the drama but I'm so lazy /coughs

Suzy - Wind, Wind, Wind
Calling out to fans of Suzy and Kim Soohyun!! Look at this amazing commercial from Bean Pole starring the both of them where Suzy did a cover for an old song called "Wind, Wind, Wind". Ugh they look so good together I miss the Dream High days :') They should be in another drama together!

Akatin's cover for Outer Science
My fav cover for this kagepro song!! It gets me so pumped up ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ (okay it's supposed to be a crazy and kinda sad song I'm sorry for being pumped up it gives me lots of feels too okay /wipe tears/ gdi Kuroha) Yes my taste in music goes from soothing and gentle to screamo and rock (yeehaw)

AND. Infinite's gonna have their comeback soon. The teaser looks really good, can't wait!!(I hate teasers by the way they're so annoying like can't the songs be out already stop teasing me oh god)

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