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Friday, February 27, 2015 4:28 AM
fingers crossed

im sick of this i have no idea what im doing anymore

so yea i thought i should restart. bye and cya.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014 7:42 PM
Update #545

Well hello there. Life's been... fine I guess. There were the good and the bad stuff so yea I guess they balanced out. Except the huge crack on my laptop screen. Can't see a single shit with it. Thought I could finally send it for fixing since it's finally HOLIDAY but damn. Projects. It's not even a small crack it's like this hugeass thick crack that runs diagonally across the screen from the top left corner to the bottom right I can't even see the words that I'm typing properly lol how am I surviving I have no idea.

Oh well. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 8:14 AM
Book: I've Got Your Number

When I like something I tend to go on and on about it......

The first time I read something by Sophie Kinsella was when I was 14 (or was I 13 I can't remember), a novel from the Shopaholic series Shopaholic & Sister and I've always enjoyed her books from then on.

(I haven't been reading for a while though. Well, after I got my pc and internet at home when I was 15 let's just say I have been reading on and off instead of being the bookworm I've been when I was a kid who reads everything from the children's to adult's section haha.)

I guess I like Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number enough to write a blog entry on it. Okay actually I love it. Just finished the book yesterday (like I said, I haven't been reading in a while but finished 4 books at one go these few days, probably cuz of the stress from school heh) Seems like a common chick lit at first read but I really love the romance and there was a particular scene that was funny that I couldn't stop laughing for an entire page.

I probably fell in love with the main guy btw.

The story began with Poppy Wyatt losing her engagement ring (ALERT: family heirloom that has been passed down for generations; emerald!) during a commotion. After frantically searching through bins and hotel floors but to no avail, Poppy left her number with the hotel staff hoping they would contact her if any of them found her ring.

As if the day didn't already sucked for her, Poppy lost her phone to some hooded guy who swooped by on his motorbike. How are the hotel staff gonna contact her if she don't have her phone?! Her life practically depends on it!

Just as she wandered aimlessly around the hotel reception/lobby area (my memory's getting a bit fuzzy), she spotted a Nokia in a bin. Which brought about her "if it's in the bin, it's public property" thought. Well, it's not her fault that someone threw their phone away, it just means that they don't want it anymore and she's free to use it, right? Little did Poppy know it's gonna change her current engaged-to-the-perfect-guy life. (who's a complete bastard btw)

To her relief, there's already a sim card on the phone so it's usable and after finding out the number she immediately gave it to the hotel staff again to make sure they can contact her. Phone started ringing and she picked up weird calls which she decided to (very nicely) jot down the details for the phone's previous owner just in case while pretending to be the phone machine.

All these is followed by another call from someone called Sam Roxton (whom I fell in love with /coughs), who apparently, is the owner of the phone. The phone was possessed by Sam's PA Violet - which she threw away because she was accepted by some modeling company (I think) and decided to stop taking Sam's shits.

Sam wanted the phone back and of course Poppy wouldn't allow it, she needed it for her ring! All these led to them sharing the Nokia where Poppy use it for herself and also forwarding Sam his emails all the time. Of course she couldn't stop herself from reading his emails and very soon she found herself replying emails on Sam's behalf because she thought his replies were always too short and curt and well, that was when Sam Roxton's troubles began.....

Really love the book, even though the main character (Poppy) can be really annoying at times - I mean, how could she reply so many emails on Sam's behalf, even agreeing on more than a few overseas trip?!?!?!!! I was like STOP IT GIRL YOU'RE TAKING IT TOO FAR.

Other than that, everything else was brilliant. Sam seemed like a no nonsense kind of person but eventually he and Poppy got to know each other better and he even gave her advice sometimes. In typical romance story the guy would usually open up and become softer idk? But for Sam even kinda so, he's still sane and know what is right and wrong to drill some sense into Poppy when she needs it. That's why I like him so much. Poppy is all jumpy and clumsy but he's the one who anchor her and stop her before she goes out of control, that's how I feel about the relationship.

I love how Sam became from someone who send short and direct texts to someone who send smiley faces and kisses (only to Poppy though) and it's really heartwarming (is this word even appropriate)

Ugh idk anymore I suck at writing reviews but I really love Sam- I mean, this book hahaha ha ha okay bye :)

Lover? I don't know. I don't know if she loves me. I don't know if I love her. All I can say is, she's the one I think about. All the time. She's the voice I want to hear. She's the face I hope to see.


Sunday, August 17, 2014 6:14 AM
Update #543

Feel like posting something emo but WELL I CAN ALWAYS SAVE THAT FOR NEXT TIME.

Totally ripped these photos off my instagram account cuz I'm too lazy to look through my phone haha. Went for OBS recently, did high element activities and kayaking (definitely the highlight of the camp) Only my forearms were tanned, since I was wearing long sleeves and long pants when I kayaked.

High elements was gross and scary, not because I'm scared of height, but more like the fear of falling cuz it's a buddy thing, I had to climb up logs that were so far apart from one another that I almost couldn't reach for the next log above even when I was standing up on one of the logs already. /sweat buckets (I don't wanna fall) Had to step on my buddy's thigh to get up to the next log all the time I felt so bad like wtf I know teamwork is important but I don't really want to sacrifice others in the process tyvm.

I've done kayaking before but it was like for fun and only for an hour or so it wasn't much but I had to kayak for nearly 5~6 hours during this camp, with the wind blowing against us for the second half of the route. Yes it was fun but my arms were completely sore and I was already dead on the inside but I had to continue paddling cuz I don't wanna die in the middle of the sea.

I believe I have more muscles on my arms now after the camp /laughs


Sent Weiyan off cuz she's going back Van D: Hope we all do well in uni :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014 8:23 PM
Update #542

Haven't post in a while so yea I'm back with a few kpop songs I really like recently :)

f(x) - Red Light
Holy. I really love this comeback! My favourite comeback for them so far. The music video is brilliant and although like a lot people, I didn't like this song at first, but after listening to it a few times I'm enjoying it a lot now. All the members look amazing in this mv! Especially Amber with her fringe down finally. She's really good-looking I know, but I'm just not a fan of her fringe being gelled up all the time. I'm in love with her floppy hair in Red Light *u* Ignoring all those who said that they look creepy cuz they only have an eye with makeup but not the other but I love the idea it's like you can see both sides of them. The album's really good too, I love Rainbow and Paper Heart :)

GOT7 - A
HONESTLY I DIDN'T EXPECT TO LIKE THIS. Sort of avoided this before cuz I thought it's the typical mv again. Well it kinda is but I really love this mv and the song like wow. Especially the choreography! It's so cute and fun, not your usual pelvic thrusting, crotch-touching dance in an attempt to act sexy. Everything is so happy and nice, love their smiles!

B1A4 - Solo Day
I'm quite shocked at how there's only a million views? Seriously??? I've never been a huge fan of B1A4 but I really like this comeback, it's their best imo. IT'S SO GOOD THE CONCEPT AND THE FILMING WOAH. If I can hug a music video I'll definitely give this a hug. Love the song and everything it's perfect.

Tiny-G - Ice Baby
Catchy, and I like the lyrics a lot (because at least they make sense unlike some other mv... aimed at a particular mv but I'm not gonna say which) The only awkward thing about this mv is that it's supposed to be quite a sad song but they're smiling way too happily when they dance hahaha

AOA - Short Hair
It's actually my first time listening to AOA. When they debut I was just so sick of all the new groups coming out I didn't really care anymore. I don't really have the time to care anyway haha. But I decided to give their latest song a try and I love the catchy chorus :D

Huh Gak & Eunji - Short Hair
Another short hair song! I don't really understand some part of the story for the mv despite watching it a few times already but it's cute I guess...? :) Lovely song it makes me feel happy idk the lyrics though I'm just assuming it's a happy one heh.

Infinite - Back
Being an inspirit it really pains me to say this but, the concept here is really overused in the kpop industry :\ Well at least I like the song! The soft melodious beginning of the song is very charming *o*

god - Saturday Night
Very interesting (and funny) mv paired with a catchy song. Love the story behind the mv too, there's an explanation somewhere if you don't understand Korean sorry I'm too lazy to type it out haha.

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Friday, June 27, 2014 7:25 AM
Update #541

I hate feeling stressed. I know it's stupid but still. At the age of 20 currently I have no idea what I'm doing with my life and I don't really have the motivation for anything that doesn't interest me. I feel so lazy. I don't really have a goal in life. I'm jealous of people who have dreams and would sacrifice almost anything to achieve their goals while I'm still standing at the starting line of the race, flustered and confused.

Everything I'm doing right now are things that are supposed to be "right", things the society and my mum think I should be doing. But are these what I want? What do I want? None of the things I'm doing is making me happy. In fact I feel like I'm losing more of myself these days. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore. I'm just here, barely hanging onto the edge of the cliff. Deep down I feel so upset. I want to cry. I'm so stressed my stomach's in knots 24/7.

Work, education, the pressure to get better, responsibility. There's no running away from growing up. I just wish I can find my way soon and handle the stress and be happy idk.

But right now I just wanna puke

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 10:34 PM
Update #540

You know those days when you feel so out of place, every single little thing just annoys you? It just feels like nothing is going right, and nothing will ever go right again. Yea I'm having one of those moments right now. What is my purpose in this world? Why am I here? I hate thinking too much about shits I wish things would get better soon.

I know there are people who are having it worse than me but I just want to laugh till I cry all the time and be happy and healthy am I too greedy?